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The Hair Whisperer from Paris

Celebrity Coiffeur Christophe Robin suprises with his tips C&C: Your „Volumizing Paste“ is a true volume wonder. What is the secret? Christophe Robin: It took me forever to find a way to give volume to the hair. I didn’t want to use too much coating ingredients, because they not only coat the hair but also the scalp. Means you add volume but the scalp can’t breathe. So it becomes greasy and the effect is like a soufflé. Also I wanted to fight greasy scalp because it is an issue. I use rose extracts that works like a natural hyaluronic acid. As well we have Rasul clay from Maroc to help the scalp not to get greasy and plus it puts back all of the minerals inside the hair. All together gives the volume. You recommend to use a hair oil before shampooing? Conditioner and masks are not my most preferred haircare products. They make the hair heavy and flat. For a mask there is mostly no time. For healthy scalp and hair everybody should make a pre-shampoo treatment with a hair oil, no matter what shampoo you use after. I do it since 25 years in my Paris’ salon. Actually the „Lavender Oil“ was my first product I developed. You put a little bit of oil on your palms, rub it, put it on your hair and brush it before washing with shampoo. If you want you can apply the oil the evening before and leave it overnight. What is the biggest mistake women can do to damage their hair? Using too much shampoo and not rinsing it well enough. In most of the shampoos there are coating ingredients like silicone. The scalp can’t breathe and you have to wash it again. The more you wash it the more you make your hair sensitive. If the hair is not rinsed well, there is always product left and the hair gets no shine. Many women also put too much conditioner directly on the scalp. Makes also that the scalp can’t breathe. Another bad thing are tools, they are terrible for the hair. But to use a lot of styling products is a trend nowadays. On YouTube you find some tutorials where people are encouraged to use five products on their hair, what is too much. All the ingredients grab on the hair and coat it. It makes it dry and dirty and it needs a wash again.… weiterlesen

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