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Eat Right During The Fasting Season

The fasting season has begun and many people use these weeks to cleanse body and mind. However, proper fasting requires a certain amount of knowledge and preparation in order not to overload the body and deprive it of important nutrients. Fasting, but do it the right way. “If you completely eliminate certain foods from your diet all of a sudden, you throw your body out of balance. This can also quickly have a detrimental effect on your health,” explains Jan Bahmann. The German fitness consultant has already coached over 700 people to their feel-good weight. In this article, he gives seven important tips to watch out for during the fasting period. Plan and get medical advice Anyone who has started to fast should definitely make sure to consume sufficient nutrients and fluids during the fast. Basically, thorough planning before starting is of great importance to ensure that one remains healthy during the fast and that the body receives all the necessary nutrients. In doing so, it is recommended to consult a doctor or nutritionist to create the plan and ensure that the fasting is conducive to good health. Especially in the case of existing diseases, medical advice is essential. Slow entry For those who start fasting later, it can be helpful to gradually reduce calorie intake. In this way, the body can gradually get used to a lower food intake and reduce cravings. Drink enough water Adequate hydration is especially important during fasting to keep the body hydrated and eliminate toxins. Water and herbal teas are good options for taking in enough fluids. An intake of at least two to three liters of fluid per day is recommended. Place a water bottle at your workstation or within sight so you don’t forget to drink. Taking mineral and vitamin supplements Mineral and vitamin preparations can help prevent deficiency symptoms and supply the body with important nutrients. However, before taking supplements, a doctor or nutritionist should be consulted to ensure that the right supplements are taken and that the dosage is correct. Indiscriminate use of such supplements can be counterproductive if not professionally cleared. Physical activity on a regular basis Light exercises such as yoga, walks or stretching during fasting can help to keep the body healthy, get the circulation going and reduce stress. Extreme sports should rather be avoided, because fasting and the deprivation of the usual food/nutritional quantity already exerts the organism.… weiterlesen

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