Tested for you: “Hairgrowth Serum” by ONNI Organic Luxury Haircare

My new hairgrowth serum by Onni. Onni means happiness in Finnish. Suitable for a care series that supports hair growth. Because when hair naturally starts to decrease, in women around the age of 40 and in men often from the age of 25, this causes problems for many. After all, hair is a symbol of youthfulness, health and attractiveness. “Hair is everything!” also says the heroine of the british cult series “Fleabag” when she explains to a hairdresser in a rage how hair affects life. And she’s right! Even the venerable Yale University in New Haven (Connecticut) has produced a study on this subject, which proves that self-confidence drops noticeably on a bad-hair day.

Support hair growthvollere Haare

According to a survey by Apotheken Umschau, at least one in six women and one in two men are dissatisfied with their own hair structure. I’m not one of them, I have to admit. My hair is strong, full and healthy. But of course I want it to stay that way. That’s why I like to support them from time to time with a hair growth serum. Especially in the summer, the intense sunlight gets to them. This is also the reason why most people lose more hair in late summer and fall. There is an accumulation of telogen hair. It is also called seasonal hair loss.

This year, I have therefore taken the “Hairgrowth Serum” from Onni I use it daily in dry or wet hair, depending on how it just fits. The bottle has a handy dosing nozzle that makes it easy to apply the watery liquid to the scalp parting by parting. It is not greasy, has a rather refreshing effect and has a pleasant, natural smell. Afterwards, the hair can be styled as usual. Mine always feel much more vital, especially at the roots – or am I just imagining it? Hair loss – not an issue, and my scalp remains healthy.

Don’t panic it’s organic!

This is the principle of ONNI Organic Luxury Haircare. For the formulas of the four products – shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum – only natural, healthy and organic ingredients are used such as castor oil, aloe vera and papaya extract. All valuable ingredients are included in the largest possible dosage and critical substances such as silicones, parabens, dyes, synthetics, hormones or hormone-altering agents are completely avoided. ONNI also attaches great importance to the sustainability of its packaging. It is made of recycled plastic, and there are also practical oversizes who want to reduce waste.

“Hairgrowth Serum” by ONNI Organic Luxury Haircare, 200 ml, 117 Euro

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