Tested for you: medipharma cosmetics „Hyaluron Mizellen-Reinigungswasser“

When micellar tonics hit the market, it was a small revolution in the cleansing routine. The principle is old, soap is also based on it. You throw elongated molecules that are non-polar (water-repellent) on one side and polar (water-friendly) on the other into the polar water, then they form tiny spheres, the micelles (from Latin mica, lump). These act like a magnet by binding dirt and grease to themselves. The molecules contained in modern micellar water are patented surfactants that are particularly fat-dissolving. That is why they cleanse so effectively that you do not have to work on the skin with pressure or friction.

A clear deal

Indeed it is. I put the clear micellar water (only the bottle is blue!) on a cotton pad and gently run it over the face, neck and décolleté. It not only smells pleasantly pure and fresh, it also feels that way. Leftovers from my concealer, mascara and brow powder collect on the pad, as do sebum and the dirt from the day. The skin feels fresh and I don’t have to rub it to feel like it’s really cleansed. Double check: Nevertheless, I take another cotton pad and go over the face a second time with the micelle cleaner. The cotton wool stays white. The skin feels clean, moisturized (pharmaceutical hyaluronic acid) and well-groomed (panthenol). Rinse off is not necessary. There is also no feeling of tension, as I know it from other facial toners, because the product does not contain any alcohol. So I can continue with the rest of the day or evening routine immediately. By the way, I have found that make-up brushes can also be perfectly cleaned with it and after applying a self-tanner I use it to clean my hands. For me, “Hyaluronic Micellar Cleansing Water” is not just 3 in 1, but 5 in 1.

medicos pharma „Hyaluronic Micellar Cleansing Water“, 200 ml, ca. 11 Euro

micelle cleanser

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