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That Gets Under Your Skin

Cosmetics are good and useful. But at most they can provide the skin with more energy in the short term. If you want more, you have to trust a Beauty Doc – an experienced, please! A new method is particularly promising. It is supposed to flood the tissue with moisture from the inside. Its name: Profhilo.

Your skin looks a bit tired? And although you drink enough water, largely avoid alcohol and cigarettes and also get enough sleep. Then you are a candidate for Profhilo. This innovative process was recognized as the best anti-aging product at the Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress in Paris in 2015. It is based on hyaluronic acid (HA), a proven substance that also occurs naturally in the body. Their power lies in their high water binding capacity. More specifically, 1 gram of HA can bind up to 6 liters of water. Don’t worry, the face doesn’t look injected or puffy up afterwards. This is due to the special formulation of this highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. A special heating process combines high and low molecular weight HA chains into a hybrid.

More moisture, more firmness

Dr. Antje Söller from the Haut-und-Laserzentrum Munich, who has tried the method on herself and has beautified many patients with it, says: “With this method, we do not inject individual wrinkles, but instead set a small deposit at certain, fixed points that is easily visible for an hour or two. From this depot, this relatively thin hyaluronic acid floods under the skin layers and spreads over a large area, which means we don’t get this puffy effect. “The effect is a combination of moisture retention and skin tightening. Dr. Söller: “A specificity of this hyaluronic acid is that it is processed in such a way that it stimulates the body’s collagen and elastin production.”

Five punctures per side

Before the syringe is attached, the doctor marks five injection points per half of the face with a white eye pencil: On each side they are located directly in front of the ear, on the cheek, on the nasolabial fold, above the jawbone and on the chin area. The hyaluronic acid is injected subcutaneously, i.e. into the hypodermis. You hardly feel the punctures. After five minutes everything is over. No blood flows. Afterwards, there are small bumps at the puncture sites, but these are almost invisible after a short massage by the practitioner. There will be a lot going on under the skin over the next few days as the 64 mg hyaluronic acid is gradually distributed over 2 ml of the product that was injected. After a few days the skin looks fresher overall. Even more striking is that the tissue feels plumper on the cheeks during the pinch test, and the contours are smoother. A second treatment should take place four weeks after the first. “The durability varies depending on the breakdown process in the body. My patients usually come for a touch-up after nine months to a year, ”explains Dr. Söller. But Profhilo can not only be used on the “big” face with neck and décolleté, but wherever the skin is dry and withered. So inside of the upper arms, elbows, hands and knees.

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