The Triangle of Beauty

Decreasing volume causes the face to sag. The once narrow, defined chin area becomes wider and slack. Aesthetic goal: to rebuild facial harmony.

From about the age of 25, gravity begins to constantly pull on the contours of the body. The aging process in the face becomes particularly clear when the so-called triangle of beauty is reversed. The youthful face has high cheekbones with full cheeks and a well-defined contour with a narrow chin where the imaginary triangle converges. When skin density and volume distribution change, the triangle is turned upside down. The broader part now lies in the lower area of the face with a widened, slacker chin contour and a sagging cheek area. The overall impression is often seen as sad and stressed.

Unjustly neglected

“It is quite normal that during our aging process not only the tissue sags, but bone substance is lost as well. This gradually changes the shape of the face and, in particular, the chin and jaw area suffer from the aging process. The reconstruction of this area to attain facial harmony was unduly neglected in aesthetic medicine for years,” confirms Dr. Gerhard Sattler, co-founder of the Bellari Institutes and Medical Director of the Rosenpark Klinik.

Deep Tissue build-up

To rebuild the chin and jaw area special fillers or, more precisely, injectable implants such as the new Juvéderm Volux, are required, which can be inserted deeper into the tissue. In contrast to superficial hyaluronic acid injections to combat wrinkles and fine lines, the tissue must be built up from below. The Vycross technology was developed for this purpose. It combines hyaluronic acid molecules of low and high molecular weight to form a tightly cross-linked gel. In the skin, this implant has a long duration of action and low water absorption. In this way, the effect is maintained for up to 24 months.

Determination of width

In the treatment of the chin, a series of injections is first placed directly on the mentum, the bone at the chin. Five to seven injection points are required for this width determination. Subsequently, three to five points of volume are injected into the chin (pogonion), directly under the muscle. First of all, the chin is extended and its width determined, then the volume or the actual chin is formed. The fold above the chin can also be optimally compensated with Volux. Since Volux is combined with the anesthetic Lidocaine, the patient feels almost nothing from the injection. A slight reddening and some swelling may occur, but these can be easily concealed. Except in special cases, such as a genetically caused strongly receding chin for example, a single treatment is enough.

Chewing makes the muscles grow

A jaw area which is optically too wide can be caused by genetic predisposition or by a shift in volume due to gravity and the loss of support structures in the cheek region. But a widening by an overactive chewing muscle can be the cause of so-called sagging cheeks as well. How can the muscle (masseter) grow in this way? There are several possible causes: predisposition and excessive strain due to nocturnal grinding of the teeth as well as jaw clenching play a definite role, as does the over-consumption of chewing gum. The lower jaw and face then appear wider and more angular than would normally be the case.

Shaping with Botulinum

Botulinum is used to slim down the masseter muscle and prevent it from overly. Three to four punctures directly into the muscle are enough and the effect occurs after about seven weeks. Since the muscle is not exercised as much, it slowly loses substance and the volume decreases. However, it can take up to four weeks for the face to look narrower, especially at the back of the lower jaw. If the effect is to be permanent, it is advisable to repeat the injection every six months. Another advantage: nightly teeth grinding (bruxism) can be treated in the same way.

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