My new Column – today: Why does Men never feel any Cold?


I keep hearing from you guys that I should post more personal things about myself on my blog. That’s why I decided to introduce this section, where I regularly share news from my life – what’s happening, what touches, annoys, and pleases me. The little things from a completely normal everyday life.

For example, I wonder why men and women feel so differently about cold. My husband finds a room temperature of 18 degrees pleasantly warm, and I get chilblains. I can’t put on so many layers that I feel comfortable at such a room temperature. We have now agreed on 21 degrees in the living areas. In the bedroom it stays at 16 degrees. In this case he is stubborn. For this he gave me a sheepskin for Easter. It should replace my admittedly not exactly erotic, but cozy electric blanket, which he finds absolutely impossible. But I can’t necessarily recognize sheep’s fleece in eroticism. But I show goodwill and try to make friends with this new party in our bed.

I feel always cold

Obviously, I am not alone with my “it’s-too-warm-in-here-again” problem with the men when I ask around in my surroundings. My sister tells me that her husband sleeps best with the window open, even when it’s freezing. My friend’s boyfriend flaunts his – unfortunately untidy – feet in Birkenstocks, not only in summer without socks. Our neighbor is already sitting on the terrace in shorts and a T-shirt in the first, still cool spring days, so that the chill runs down my back at the sight, even though it is well wrapped up under a sweater and fur vest. Of course, men with an average of 40 percent muscles have a clear advantage when it comes to the “body’s own heating.” Muscles burn energy and generate heat.

Women, on the other hand, have to get by with only 25 percent muscle, but the “insulating” fat percentage is higher. The slimmer, the less there is. So too thin is not good either, I always say that. And yet again and again I have noticed geographical differences. With English women, for example. How often have I been astonished when they went to their club in London at night in the dead of winter – with bare legs in high heels. So there are probably different sensations of cold among women. Or are the Londoners just hippier and more capable of suffering when it comes to their style?

Although I do not belong to the group of Gazelles, my need for warmth is enormous. Right now, after I had a 9-day detox program behind me – but of that another time. In any case, my lovely sister just gave me a pair of lambskin slippers. They are so nice and cozy and they also look pretty. Especially now in the crazy April weather I can’t get them off my feet.


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