3 x 3 For More Defined Facial Contours

Three renowned beauty experts explain three ways to optimize facial features. What you can achieve with hyaluronic acid filler, makeup contouring and face yoga…

Accentuated cheekbones, a defined chin line and a youthful V-shaped face is the desire of many women. To regain the “top model” look with defined facial features when it has been “lost” with the aging process, explain a specialist in surgery, a make-up artist and an expert in Face Yoga.

The beauty doc says: Fill it up with hyaluronic acid!

“For the attractiveness and harmony of the face, the zygomatic arch in the cheek area plays a particularly important role, because it provides contour,” explains Dr. Sina Djalaei, a specialist in surgery. The problem: With increasing age, the body reduces fatty tissue, and in addition, the volume of the face decreases due to gravity. As a result of this so-called sagging effect, nasolabial and marionette wrinkles can appear deeper, and facial features can look sad and tired. Filler treatment can correct missing or lost volume in the cheek area.

Dr. Djalaei:“By performing a treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers at specific points on the zygomatic arch, the doctor can bring important ligaments under tension and lift the midface again.” The result: “The cheekbones can be emphasized, and at the same time an uplifting effect can occur. The shape of the face thus usually approaches an upward, youthful and alert V-shape again, and thus the ‘top model look'”, the expert says.

The nice side effect is that treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers also stimulates the body to produce new collagen, which improves the elasticity of the skin and connective tissue. In addition to an experienced doctor, the treatment also requires a suitable filler: “In addition to excellent quality, durability and tolerability, the filler must have strong lifting power, especially in the zygomatic arch, such as the Juvéderm Voluma filler.” The result can be visible for up to 24 months.

In addition to accentuated cheeks, a defined jawline also gives a beautiful contour. However, “Loss of volume in the cheeks and sagging of the tissue can make the chin line look spongy,” explains Dr. Djalaei. “In addition, sagging cheeks and a double chin can develop, which patients find disturbing.” This sagging in the lower half of the face can also be corrected with hyaluronic acid fillers, “Juvéderm Volux facial filler treatment is ideal for many who want a firmer, contoured chin and jawline.” The filler is specifically designed to build volume and define the jawline and is optimized for the unique stresses on the chin and jawline.

The result: “The treatment can achieve a clear delineation between the chin, jaw and neck and model an improved facial angle. Clear contours can make the entire face look more defined and fresh,” explains the specialist. Patients can usually enjoy a quickly visible beauty result that can be visible for up to 18 months – completely without surgery, completely without anesthesia.

The make-up artist says: Light it up with contouring!

Using light and dark tones, Serena Goldenbaum creates contours. Professional makeup artists have been using the technique for a long time, but ever since reality star Kim Kardashian made it famous, contouring has been considered a trend.

“It’s also called highlighting and shading because you create a shadow with darker tones and use lighter tones to add highlights where you want to visually lift areas of the face,” explains makeup artist Serena Goldenbaum. “The play of light and shadow can visually balance the shape of the face and create a contoured look that makes the face look more defined and youthful.”

For 16 years, Goldenbaum has also been glamorizing the face of Sylvie Meis, presenter and brand ambassador for Juvéderm. Here, the expert explains three simple contouring techniques that she also uses on Sylvie. And this is how it works:


Before contouring, apply your usual foundation in your own skin color. Two shades are needed: one light and one dark. The choice of shades depends on the effect you want to achieve. The more adapted the contouring colors are to your own skin tone, the more natural and suitable for everyday use the result will be. Here, for example, a shade darker or lighter than your own skin is sufficient. If you want to create a strong effect, use a stronger contrast, for example three shades darker than your own skin tone.

Contouring is applied and blended either in powder form with a specially beveled contouring brush or in cream form with the fingers – the cream form is particularly suitable for dry skin. Very strong contouring can also be achieved with a sponge.

For high cheeks

To visually raise the cheekbone, apply powder or cream in a dark shade directly under the cheeks: lightly sweep along under the cheekbone, for example from the ear to the corner of the mouth, and then blend so that there are no harsh transitions. Then apply a lighter, slightly shimmering tone directly on the cheekbone and blend softly. The interplay of light and dark visually lifts the cheekbone and creates contours in the cheek area that look fresh and clear.

For a slim-looking face

If you want the lower half of the face to look a little slimmer, place the darker powder on the side of the face: Starting at the temples and working down the outer edge of the face to the middle half of the chin line, apply the contouring product in very small, horizontal strokes. Then blend. The effect: The dark tone makes the side areas appear to recede – making the face look narrower.

For a more defined chin area

To define the chin area, work with a darker shade: draw a line from the ear along the jaw to the chin area. Then blend toward the neck. This makes the chin line stand out more sharply, drooping cheeks recede visually and the entire jawline appears more contoured.

The Yoga teacher says: Move it with Face Yoga!

Yoga for the face? Face Yoga is a trend that trains the facial muscles and is even fun – and can also provide defined contours. “With special facial expression exercises and stroking-out massage techniques, we can specifically promote blood circulation and strengthen the muscles in the area of the cheeks and jaw,” explains Mira Flatt, yoga instructor and expert in Face Yoga. “This can make the area look more defined, and at the same time relax our facial features, making our skin appear smoother.”

She recommends, “Just ten minutes a day is enough.” The following exercises shown by Mira Flatt can be easily integrated into the daily beauty routine and combined, for example, with massaging in skin care or can be done in the shower.

The kiss

For this exercise, pull the cheeks inward, form a pointed kissing mouth, push the chin forward and look up for a slight stretch in the neck. Inhale deeply through the nose and relax with a smooch and an exhale. Repeat 15 times. The “smooch” can promote circulation, tighten the cheeks and define the jaw and chin contours.

The balloon

With the mouth closed, plump the cheeks with air and plump them up from the inside. Separate the chewing surfaces of the teeth and hold for 20 seconds. Breathe in and out in a relaxed manner.

For the second part of this exercise, open your eyes and mouth as wide as you can, stick out your tongue and hum “aaa”. Hold this position for another 20 seconds. With this exercise, the facial muscles are activated and exercised, and at the same time the cheeks are well supplied with blood.hzeitig die Wangen gut durchblutet.

The jawline massage

This exercise is great to do while cleansing the face or massaging in skincare. For the massage, work with the index and middle fingers and start at the nostrils: Build gentle pressure and sweep along the jawline with the middle finger below and the index finger above, all the way to the ears. 15 repetitions. This exercise can make the contour clearer and, as a side effect, make the cheeks glow with a rosy complexion.

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