Tested for you: Cover Cream “Body Coverage Perfector” from Eelhoe

A cover cream for the body that invisibly covers spider veins, tattoos, scars and anything else you don’t want to show and is also waterproof. At least that’s what the Orgrul brand promised on social media with impressive before-and-after examples. Sounded interesting at first, so I ordered the product. The price was also okay. But…

Fooled again! For me, Eelhoe’s cover cream is yet more proof that the World Wide Web is full of lies and manipulation on social media. And it is patient. I wanted to cover a darkly pigmented, larger spot on my left forearm that had developed after a deeper injury.

Cover cream for every skin tone

I read the following about the cover cream: natural and healthy ingredients. But I can’t find out what these are. It also provides the skin with various moisturizing factors that give the surface a natural glow. The product is waterproof and the coverage lasts all day. The color adapts to the skin and is suitable for all skin tones.

I also read the application instructions carefully and followed them religiously:

  • Cleanse the skin.
  • Apply the cover cream to the areas to be covered using your fingers or a larger brush. Then leave the product to dry on the skin for ten minutes. If more coverage is required, a second layer can be applied, which should also be left to dry for 10 minutes.
  • Finally, wipe over the treated area with a paper towel, towel or glove to remove excess Cover Cream – until nothing “rubs off”.

Texture much too light

So far, so good. The texture of the cream that I squeeze out of the purple tube seems very light to me – too light for my naturally tinted skin. But it is supposed to adapt to every color type. So I apply it with my fingertips to the darkly pigmented area on my forearm. The cover cream forms a very light, almost white patch. I wait the prescribed 10 minutes. Nothing changes. Then I carefully wipe my forearm with a soft guest towel to remove any product residue.

And what emerges? The dark spot, clearly visible, is covered by a fine white layer. It hasn’t disappeared, as the manufacturer shows in various photos. The skin must be very white for the color of the cover cream to match. I suspect Photoshop sends its regards in the before and after photos! In any case, I’m going back to my “old” camouflage. The skin tone doesn’t match one hundred percent either, but at least it’s close. The purple tube has already gone in the bin.

Not very trustworthy

During my further research, I found it strange that the identical product is available from the brand Joyark. On Amazon, it is also offered by Hikaka or Westmore Beauty. The latter at least tells you something about the ingredients, namely “a combination of treated pigments and light-reflecting minerals suspended in a flexible matrix”.

I can really only advise: Hands off such internet offers. Rather use camouflage products from tried and tested companies like Kryolan, Dermacolor or Artdeco, just to name a few.

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