Tested for you: Exfoliation „Masque Exfoliant Enzymatique“ from Sisley

Exfoliation – In my opinion, an indispensable step in the skin care routine. It is known that the epidermis regenerates according to a cell renewal cycle that lasts an average of 28 days. The keratinocytes that reside in the epidermis gradually migrate to the surface of the skin to the horny layer. There they become dead cells, the so-called corneocytes, and give the complexion a sallow and dull appearance. The natural degradation process can be accelerated by exfoliation and clarifies the skin’s appearance.

Therefore, once or twice a week should be peeling time after the usual facial cleansing. Now I am not a friend of aggressive rubbing grains. I prefer it soft, but intense. That’s why an enzymatic peeling is just right for me. The skin is freed from dead skin flakes just by the power of the enzymes contained.

Exfoliation deluxe

The “Masque Exfoliant Enzymatique” is, as the name suggests, something very special. It comes in the form of a fine, lightweight, white powder that turns into a creamy mass only upon contact with water. Its key ingredient is papain, an enzyme that occurs naturally in high concentrations in the still greenish skin and seeds of the fruit papaya, from which it is extracted. It has a natural exfoliating effect on the skin by breaking down the bonds between the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface. In this way, the dead horny flakes are removed immediately.

Added to this are surfactants, also of plant origin, obtained from glycine and coconut. They cause the powder to turn into a foaming, cleansing cream when water is added. In addition, vitamin B3 frees the skin from the unsightly gray haze and makes it visibly radiant.

One minute reaction time

In a minute to a more radiant complexion – that suites my impatient mind very much. I take a teaspoon-sized amount of the white powder from the round bottle and sprinkle it directly into my palm. Then I add some water and mix it with my fingertips until I get a creamy mask. Don’t use too much water the first time. Rather add more if necessary, because otherwise the texture will be too liquid.

Then I apply a thin but closed layer on the face and neck, leaving the eye area free. I use a wide mask brush for this because I like the delicate feel on the skin, but you can work just as well with your fingers. The scrub also accustoms the nose. It has a pleasant scent of essential oils of lavender and marjoram, which are known for their soothing properties.

Less is more

One minute is enough, leave the peeling mask longer, also does not bring more effect. Finally, the white mask is carefully washed off with plenty of water. Then dry the face. My complexion looks much more even and glows refined. After several applications, I have the feeling that the pores in the cheek area have also become finer. As soon as the peeling is washed off, you can continue as usual with your daily care ritual.

Masque Exfoliant Enzymatique“ von Sisley, 40 g, 102 Euro


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