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Tested for you: New Eye drops “Hydro med Blue” from Dr. Theiss

Eye drops are constant companions for me – at home and on the road. Always with me. They are at my workplace. I pack them in small disposable vials in every handbag. A common problem for me is red and irritated eyes. They itch, burn. As a pollen and house dust allergy sufferer, I unfortunately struggle with this all too often. Sitting at a computer screen for hours and being overtired after long car rides, for example, dry out the eyes even more.

Dr. Theiss has been offering new eye drops with pharmaceutical-grade hyaluron since September 2022. What makes them special is that the liquid is blue. The coloration comes from a water-soluble, medically used dye. The absolute highlight is that it produces an instant visual white effect and makes discolorations in the eye appear softened. Why was a blue dye used in particular? Blue “retouches” the color pigments red and yellow. This visually balances out reddish and yellowish discolorations of the eye. This complementary color effect makes the eyes shine again.

Eye drops without preservatives

Second plus point: The eye drops contain long-chain (high-molecular) hyaluronic acid. It binds water and acts as a substitute for the missing tear fluid. As a result, the eyes are moistened. In case of dryness, immediate relief occurs and redness disappears. The hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate 0.15%) forms an even, viscoelastic protective film for the cornea without impairing visual performance.

Blue „tears”

First you have to remove the safety ring of the bottle, then you can pull off the cap, which is also blue, upwards. As usual when applying eye drops, I put my head back, direct my gaze upward and pull the lower eyelid slightly away from the eye. With the other hand, I hold the vial with the dropper opening down to drop a drop into the conjunctival sac.

It does not work right away the way I am used to. At the first drip attempt, too much liquid comes out of the bottle. Blue “tears” run down my cheek. I quickly wipe them off with a tissue before they land on my clothes. Then the second eye. Nothing comes out of the eye drop bottle. The special sterile air filter system is a bit tricky. After each removal, you have to wait a few seconds without pressing on the vial. This waiting time is necessary so that enough air can flow back into the closed system. Aha, now I get it, and everything works smoothly.

Good to know

What should be avoided is touching the drip opening with the eye, hands or other surface to prevent bacteria from entering. If a residual drop remains on the opening, do not wipe it away, but remove it by tapping lightly on the bottom of the bottle. Replace the cap immediately after use on the eye drops.

The 10 ml vial lasts about one month with regular use. Originally packed, the blue drops last for three years. Once opened, they should be used within one year.

„Hydro med Blue“ of Dr. Theiss, 10 ml, approx. 17 euros

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