Singing Bowls: The Healing Sound

We live in difficult times, so relaxation can only be good. The age-old technique of sound therapie, which is based on resonance vibrations, has recently come into focus. Too esoteric? Testing is above studying. And maybe a nice christmas present too…

„Imagine trowing a stone in to a lake and it creates concentric waves. This is what happens in your body during a sound massage.“This is how Jana Hess, who is now in the second generation of the family business Hess Klangkonzepte, explains the effect of the singing bowls. Our body is made of 70-80% of fluids. The vibrations create concentric waves in these fluids.

The bowl sings “ommmmm”

Singing bowls are bulbous or flat, large or small, made of different metal alloys. Depending on which tones you create by rubbing or hitting and on which part of the body they are to be placed. There are Bengali, Himalaya, Assam-. Nepal or Zen singing bowls, to name a few. Five to seven precious metals are used for production, which are also equated with the planets in our galaxy: lead (Saturn), tin (Jupiter), iron (Mars), copper (Venus), silver (moon) and gold (sun). The size and proportions of the different metals determine the tone, vibration and quality of the sound. A science in itself and an exciting topic, because the resonance vibrations of the elaborately manufactured bowls compensate for the body’s own vibrations. They are now used in both private and therapeutic areas.        

International attention

Also internationally, especially in Los Angeles, where new “health trends” are constantly being created, the “singing bowls” are currently attracting special attention. Above all Gwyneth Paltrow, who always has her ear on the pulse of the times, especially when it comes to physical and mental health. On her platform goop she talks to her soulmate, the singer and songwriter Jhené Aiko, about the power of sound healing and especially the singing bowls. Therapy with singing bowls is an ancient form of regeneration. The first metal alloy bowls were used in the Far East 6000 years ago. The sound and the vibrations release tension and promote body detoxification. Both halves of the brain are harmonized. Emotions calm down, the mind becomes clear. Long after the sound has faded, the vibrations of the sound have a positive effect on the body.

How to hit the right sound

“Daily rituals, such as ‘5 minutes of sound’ can change your perspective on your life, ”explains Jana Hess. “The connection of sounds with positive affirmations like ‚I am good the way I am‘ can help to anchor these in the subconscious and to change the view of oneself.“ Singing bowls are ideal for reducing stress. They help you fall asleep and promote deep, restful sleep. The sound is also a wonderful way to initiate meditation. To work alone with singing bowls, you take your bowl on the palm of your hand, with your palm and fingers straight out. Only in this way can the edge of the bowl swing as freely and unhindered as possible. A clapper made of wood, felt or leather is used to strike. It is sensible to seek advice from an expert on which material is best for the bowl you are using. Do not hit too far down on the ground, do not hit the edge directly from above or at an angle to the edge, but rather place the clapper in the middle. You can also make them sing by rubbing, but that requires a little more practice: The clapper is guided flat and with pressure evenly along the upper edge around the bowl.

Deep relaxation with the therapist

A sound massage, which is often referred to as singing bowl massage, sound massage therapy or singing bowl therapy, works differently. For this one should seek out a therapist who is well versed in this. If done correctly, it brings deep relaxation, which is the basis for strengthening self-healing powers. Several singing bowls are placed on the clothed body of the person lying down and struck. The fine vibrations and tones touch body, mind and soul. They flow through the body and reach all cells. Jana Hess: “The most beautiful part about sound massage for me is that, when people tell me that they usually cannot relax deeply, but then fall asleep during a sound massage. And when they wake up afterwards they look like they are freshly in love.”

photos: Hess Klangkonzepte

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