Spare tyre? Just freeze it away!

Painless body forming without surgery

Small to medium-sized fat deposits can now be literally killed off. The term Cryolipolysis, which stems from the ancient Greek words “cryos” (ice, frost), “lipa” (fat) and “lysis” (dissolution), is a modern, non-invasive method of body shaping. Cryotherapy is based on a highly developed, patented cooling technology. Allergan‘s CoolSculpting procedure, with which the Rosenpark Klinik has been working since its market launch in Europe, requires neither surgery, anesthesia nor painkillers. Dr. Sonja Sattler: “The aesthetic medicine industry constantly offers new methods of treatment. Especially in the minimally invasive area there are numerous possibilities to treat patients’ problem zones, entirely without the use of a scalpel and with no subsequent downtime. Melt away fat during your lunch break! The Cryolipolysis procedure enables us doctors to fight unwanted fat deposits in a more gentle fashion.”

Putting the freeze on fat cells

Once the patient is made comfortable on the treatment couch, the targeted areas are cooled down to 4° degrees Celsius using special applicators. In this way, the blood supply to the fat cells, which are very sensitive to cold, is interrupted, causing them to die off. There is no damage to organs, skin or the surrounding tissue. How are the frozen fat cells eliminated from the body? The organism’s metabolic system subsequently takes over, gradually removing them naturally. The treatment is completely painless. What one feels is the suction of the treated area by the device head. There may also be a sensation of numbness there for a short time afterwards.

Gentle modelling

Cryolipolysis is particularly suitable for modeling the hip region, its aim being the removal of small to medium-sized fat pockets. It is very helpful where sport and even the best of diets have failed. Especially effective in removing fat from the hips as well as “love handles” or abdominal fat in women, it is also useful in treating the insides of the thighs, the knees and the upper arms.

Not for those who are overweight

“Basically, this is not a method of reducing weight,” says Dr. Sonja Sattler from the Rosenpark Klinik in Darmstadt. “It is more suited to slimmer women and men who suffer from individual problem zones and wish to reduce these fat deposits in specific areas”. An otherwise slim silhouette will look even more harmonious after body shaping with Cryolipolysis.

No restrictions, no downtime

The treatment is outpatient and takes about two hours, depending on the individual diagnosis. During this time one can read, listen to music, work on the laptop and just relax. Afterwards, daily life, including doing sports, can be resumed without any restrictions. “For the initial period following Cryolipolysis, no anti-inflammatory medication should be taken, and it is best to avoid sauna or steam baths for a while”, explains Dr. Sonja Sattler. The final result is visible after two to four months. Normally, only one application is necessary but there is nothing to be said against a repeat treatment with the Coolsculpting procedure if one wants to get rid of more fat deposits. One of the most frequent questions asked is: Will the fat cells come back once they have been treated with cold? The answer is a clear “no”. That which is once frozen away, stays away! However, if there is subsequent weight gain, the surrounding fat cells may become inflated, causing new problem zones to develop.

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