Summer – Expert Tips For Healthy And Shiny Hair

Summer, sun, beach … stressed hair! The heat, UV light, chlorine and salt water are very hard on the hair. Especially if it is very long, bleached or colored or very sensitive. So that the hairstyle does not look as if you had straw on your head in the summer, or in the evening with dull, flat mane no party feeling arises, you should intervene in time.

Summer hair. With the right care tips from the expert, the hair remains healthy, shiny and voluminous even at high temperatures and numerous dives in the sea or hotel pool. Nesrin Obermeier is a professional in the field of hair beauty and has also established herself on the market as a specialist for hair extensions. In her salon “Nesrin Private Lounge” in Munich, she uses her extensive expertise and high-quality care products to give women fantastically beautiful hair.

Never without hair protection in summer

Everyone knows that you have to protect your skin when you expose it to UV radiation and behaves accordingly. But hair also suffers from prolonged exposure to the sun in the summer, even if you may not notice it immediately. But UV rays damage the lipid layer that keeps hair from drying out.

Likewise, the scalp can be affected in the summer and get sunburned or begin to dandruff. You can counteract this with a simple move, by always moving the parting. In addition, you should always apply sunscreen to your hair. Special sprays are available for this purpose, whose ingredients function like a kind of sun protection factor. If you don’t have such a product at hand, you can also use the sunscreen for the skin if necessary.

If you’re out and about all day in high temperatures and exposed to permanent UV radiation, it’s advisable to wear a head covering – such as a light scarf knotted into a modern turban, a cheeky cap or a chic sun hat. This way, you play it safe and protect your hair from damage such as drying out or split ends.

Prevent damage when hair is wet

Whether you bathe in the sea on vacation or refresh yourself in the hotel swimming pool – neither salt water nor chlorine do your hair any good. The salt crystals from the seawater get caught in the hairstyle, get stuck, reflect the UV light and thus intensify the negative effect. Subsequently, the salt gradually removes moisture and fat from the hair, making it straw-like and shaggy-looking. In the worst case, it can even break and thus be irreparably damaged. Chlorinated water also greatly dries out the hair and also removes color. 

To ensure that salt and chlorine don’t stand a chance, you should give your hair a full shower and let it soak up water thoroughly before you go swimming – soaking wet, the hair can’t store as much salt and chlorine water and doesn’t dry out as quickly. After the bath in the sea or swimming pool, the hair is immediately washed out thoroughly.

Only naturally colored on summer vacation

It is not advisable to dye or bleach your hair before your summer vacation. Blond manes in particular are extremely sensitive when exposed to harmful UV radiation over a long period of time. In chlorinated water, they can even develop a greenish tint or break off completely. Other colors can also be negatively affected by sunlight or simply acquire a gray haze.

In addition, bleaching or dyeing also makes the scalp more sensitive, which can lead to health problems if you spend a long time in the sun. So if you are planning a vacation that will be spent mostly on the beach and in the sun, you should not chemically treat your hair from two to three weeks before the start of the trip.

If you still want to start the summer vacations with color-intensive, shiny hair, you should give preference to natural tints. For example, blond can be made to shimmer golden with chamomile, black can be deepened with black tea, and brown can be brought out to its best advantage with boiled walnut shells. Aggressive bleaching with lemon, vinegar or baking soda should be avoided at all costs, as these agents roughen the hair structure and make it easier for harmful substances and UV light to penetrate.

Hair care after summer

Hair is put under a lot of strain every single day of vacation when you spend a lot of time outdoors in high temperatures and sometimes even in the sea or in chlorinated water.

For after-sun care in the evening, the following applies: Do not continue to stress hair too much, but only wash through once briefly with a mild shampoo. Always use a conditioner that contains important nutrients and restores moisture to the hair. Then first carefully style with a wide-toothed comb, then massage hair oil into the ends to prevent them from becoming brittle.

In addition, once or twice a week you should treat yourself to a treatment that repairs the roughened hair structure. A special highlight in the care program are hair masks with a cooling effect, which contain keratin, panthenol and aloe vera, as well as mint, for example.

What many do not know: Warm or even hot wind acts on the hair like a hair dryer, drying it out and making it dull. It is therefore preferable to air-dry after washing and conditioning, if during the day has also always blown a breeze (which is usually the case at the water).

The best beach hairstyles

On particularly hot days, people often find long hair annoying because it makes them sweat more at the nape of the neck. Many women tend to comb back their damp mane tightly and put it up in a chignon. However, wet hair in particular should not be tied up tightly, as moisture changes the structure and the hair breaks particularly easily.

Therefore, loose hairstyles are recommended for a beach day, for example, loosely braided pigtails, which you can also “sloppily” twist in the back of the head and pin. Practical for this are large clips and spiral elastics that tame long hair without straining it. Clips made of metal should be avoided, they get hot at high temperatures and damage the hair. Also avoid hair accessories with sharp edges. To tie the braids or ponytail, always use utensils made of fabric, so that loose rubber never chafes the hair, especially when wet.

The roots of a long mane or even short hair can quickly lie flat when you sweat a lot. There is a remedy for this too: refresh in between with dry shampoo and create new volume. Braided hairstyles also last longer this way.

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