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Tested for you: „Body Cream“ from Feuerstein

New body cream from the Swiss beauty brand. This care line is more than just a high-quality natural cosmetics. It combines in its products the perfect blend of natural ingredients with active ingredients from modern cosmetic research. Refined with harmonious fragrances, it is a feel-good brand that contributes to inner balance. Natural cosmetics from the Engadine The Feuerstein brand has its origins in the Engadine and the ancestral knowledge of the soothing effect of the tart alpine herbs. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Grisons explorer and photographer Domenic Feuerstein recorded his impressions of the local nature with its plants in numerous books and poems. In 2005, his granddaughter Madlaina Feuerstein designed the first line of her natural cosmetics in S-charl. The former miners’ settlement is located at 1800 meters in the municipality of Scuol. Surrounded by pine forests, mountain meadows and steep peaks, the remote village is now only inhabited in summer. “We take people on a daily sensory journey to their inner sources of strength. Nature is our guide.”— Mara Wulkan, owner In 2019, Mara and Oliver Wulkan took over the Feuerstein brand. But the values have remained the same for over 19 years. The company is still headquartered in Engadine, and all products are still processed exclusively from sustainable raw materials in Switzerland. Luxurious body cream The first thing that caught my attention was the look of the body cream. The flat, round glass jar with a black lid looks clean and high quality, but is made of 100% recycled glass. Then come the sensory qualities. The “Body Cream” is not a plain body cream, but a rich butter in texture. It feels creamy and nourishing on the skin thanks to shea butter, mango butter and an oil extracted from the sweet almond (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil), which has skin-protecting and antioxidant properties. Even rough and brittle areas like on the knees or elbows become velvety soft again. Even my very dry skin on the lower legs has lost its winter “gray haze”. For me, the body cream from Feuerstein is the ideal product from neck to toe – especially in the winter, when the dry air and thick clothes clog the skin. The slightly fruity scent additionally increases the feel-good moment. Oh yes, and the cream is absorbed super fast and it is vegan as well. „Body Cream“ from Feuerstein , 200 ml, 72 Euro… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Body Cream „Bom Dia Bright Cream“ from Sol de Janeiro

I love Rio de Janeiro, a city full of joie de vivre. For that reason alone, the Sol de Janeiro brand has always had pluses for me. And then the design. The brightly colored pots, which lie so nicely in the hand, simply put you in a good mood. So I am not entirely objective as you can see. But there is always a subjective feeling when it comes to beauty. Or is it not? You like the feel and smell of a product, or you just don’t like it. Bom cheiros Whereby we would be right at the scent of the new Sol de Janeiro body cream. “Cheiros” (smell) as it is called in Portuguese is a very important factor in Brazil. Smelling good is a must in a country where life for many people – more or less less clothed – predominantly takes place outdoors and then on the beach. That’s why the “Bom Dia Bright Cream” got a very special signature fragrance. “Cheiros ’40” combines the oriental gourmand notes of black amber, plum and dark-sweet cremé de cassis with the delicate aromas of Brazilian orchid, jasmine and vanilla. Body cream with mango and banana The texture is deliciously creamy and has a delicate soft pink color. The scent is subtle, as it should be with a skin care product. Applied to the body, I immediately feel a pleasant moisturizing effect of the skin. After a few days, it looks more even. Especially on my shins, which are extremely dry areas for me. The smoothers are called alpha-hydroxy fruit acids, known as AHAs, from banana and mango. Like a peeling, they promote cell renewal for a smoother complexion. But they are so gentle in their effect that you can go into the sun with them without worry – with UV protection, of course. Free radical protection and pore cleaner There is also vitamin C ester. It is a quickly absorbed form of vitamin C that is released with a delay, providing constant protection against free radicals. Cajá, a tropical fruit rich in vitamins and minerals, stimulates collagen and elastin production, while Cupuaçu butter, rich in essential fatty acids, promotes the elasticity of the skin. And then the body cream has another benefit: thanks to willow bark extract and its anti-inflammatory, pore-cleaning active ingredient salicin, the hair follicles are kept free and hair ingrown is prevented. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm this from my own experience, as my legs have been lasered hair-free for years.… weiterlesen

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