Tested for you: Teeth „Whitening Collection“ from vVardis


Two sisters, one vision. The two dentists Haleh and Golnar Abivardi want to successfully combat tooth decay, the most widespread disease worldwide, and improve oral health for everyone. To do this, they offer a strong alliance of Swiss purity and precision with state-of-the-art science. The founders of the innovative line are convinced that the right oral care is the indispensable basis for holistic health and well-being. And that includes beautiful white teeth and a healthy smile.

Dental care inside and out

The core piece of vVardis oral care is the patented WX formula, which, in combination with fluoride, covers the teeth in a protective matrix. Also works with the onset of tooth decay. The tooth enamel is repaired and remineralized from the inside in order to preserve it in the long term. At the same time, the teeth are whitened without the use of peroxide or abrasives. The whitening should not only work with natural teeth, but also with veneers, crowns and composite fillings.

I am testing the four products in the soft mint version. They are also available with a strong mint flavour. I put the “Edelweiss” toothpaste on the “Rheinholz” toothbrush made from sustainably sourced – as the description says – and untreated Swiss beech wood. Although I usually clean electrically, the wooden toothbrush is pleasant to use. Without having to press hard when cleaning, I have the feeling that surfaces and interdental spaces are cleaned properly.

Whitening „glacier“ gel

The paste with the WX formula, antibacterial alpine rose and antioxidant edelweiss extract with mint tastes pleasantly fresh. The teeth are then cleaned wonderfully smooth as if covered with a microfine protective layer. I want to do even more for a healthy, white smile: “Aletsch”, named after the largest glacier in the Alps, is a brush-on gel serum. In addition to the WX formula, it contains highly effective, bioactive substances that are supposed to whiten teeth without damaging them.

The glacier blue gel is almost tasteless and can be easily spread on the teeth in a thin layer with the small brush. Wait 10 seconds with opened lips, then the gel is dried on the teeth. I am not supposed to drink or eat anything for the next 30 minutes. In contrast to other brighteners, you don’t have a bad taste in your mouth and you don’t have to rinse afterwards.

Radiant, bright teeth

I use “Aletsch” with the other products on a daily basis. What I see in the mirror inspires me: healthy, bright, shiny teeth, no irritation to the gums. Last but not least I want to mention the “Weissbad” mouthwash, the fourth in the innovative dental care system. It bears the name of a small town in the Swiss canton of Appenzell that is famous for its thermal and mineral springs. The alcohol-free mouthwash also has a whitening effect on stains and discoloration, protects teeth and gums from sensitivity and tooth enamel erosion.

I want also to mention that the Swiss vVardis products look very stylish in the bathroom. In addition, they are all sustainable, vegan, kosher and free from animal testing.

„Whitening Collection“ Box from vVARDIS with four products, 199 US$. Each product can of course also be purchased individually.


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