Dubai’s Miracle Garden – Where Scents come to Life

Hyaluronic Acid: What Advantage does it Really have in Creams?

Croatia – A Picture-Perfect Coastline

Croatia – A Picture-Perfect Coastline

After visiting Slovenia, another Balkan region, Croatia, with a side-trip to Montenegro, was on my travel agenda this summer. The Dalmatian coast, with its many small bays, rugged rock formations and the green-blue Adriatic sea, is stunningly beautiful. Countless islands dot the waters just off the almost 400-kilometer-long coastline. The back country, in...

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Anti-Aging Help From One’s Own Body

The use of autologous (own) fat as a filler substance for wrinkles and sunken facial areas is essentially nothing new and own fat is certainly one of the oldest soft tissue augmentation materials known to mankind. Its advantages: The good and almost always unlimited availability as well as the optimal compatibility of the body’s own natural substance....

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A German Cartoon Character starts a successful Career in the US

German journalist Petra Springer has always been passionate about fashion and film. Here, she explains how, with this passion, she created her first film “Holy Sh*t, it fits”, and later, the Cartoon-Lady Holly: I love films, but I never ever thought, producing my own.  After attending a workshop for visual communications, in which I was introduced to...

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Pigment Spots: Harmless, but Annoying!

Although from a medical point of view the brown spots are harmless, visually they can be quite disturbing. There are many methods of treating them and one of the most modern is fractional laser technology. Pigment spots commonly appear on the forehead, the cheek area and above the upper lip. Most hyperpigmentation spots are caused by exposure to sunlight...

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Croatia – A Picture-Perfect Coastline

A German Cartoon Character starts a successful Career in the US

A Photographer with the Eye of Humanity


We need the Sun…

The Triangle of Beauty

The Way back to an Alert and Youthful Look

Traveling and Beauty are my passion.
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