In Search of the Blue Domes

Who really Wants to Look Sad and Tired?

Blue Hour at the Murnau Alpenhof

We need the Sun…

…but we must safeguard our skin from its rays as well. What is the most effective way to protect ourselves and what can be done if the UV rays have already caused skin damage. Our relationship to the sun is ambivalent. We love it because it warms us, brightens our mood and gives our complexion a beautiful color. On the other hand, every sunburn...

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Mykonos and Delos – Two Worlds

So near and yet so far. Only 40 minutes by ferry separate the two Aegean islands. But the difference couldn’t be greater. Mykonos: shopping and partying The modern Bohemian hustle and bustle of old and new hippies. Party till dawn. That’s what I’ve always heard about the island. But there are two distinct sides to Mykonos and by that I mean...

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The Triangle of Beauty

Decreasing volume causes the face to sag. The once narrow, defined chin area becomes wider and slack. Aesthetic goal: to rebuild facial harmony. From about the age of 25, gravity begins to constantly pull on the contours of the body. The aging process in the face becomes particularly clear when the so-called triangle of beauty is reversed. The youthful face...

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The Way back to an Alert and Youthful Look

The most efficient methods to effectively correct drooping eyelids in adherence with individual characteristics. An excess of skin on the upper eyelid can be the cause of so-called drooping eyelids which always make one look tired and worn out or even unfriendly. If the underlying musculature slackens in the course of skin aging, the drooping eyelids become...

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The Hair Whisperer from Paris

Behind the Scenes with the Professionals

The Devil in Disguise


Muscle Building without Exercise. Is that possible?

Wendy Iles: I just Love Hair!

Fine Tuning for the Body

Traveling and Beauty are my passion.
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