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When the Body becomes Flabby…

From the Den of Iniquity to the Luxury Cabaret

In Search of the Blue Domes

I may have found the famous postcard motif, but the myth of Santorini still evades me. I am torn between the goodwill I normally extend to a holiday destination that is new to me and the gut feeling I trust that when something just doesn’t seem right. And since I took this trip at my own expense, I am free to write the truth as I see it. So, my...

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Who really Wants to Look Sad and Tired?

Unfortunately, when the eyebrows lower, this is usually the result. Often a small injection can help but sometimes more is needed. After an eyebrow lift, however, the face can look years younger. The eyebrows act as a sort of frame and give contour to the face. If they start to droop, the effect on the facial expression usually isn’t very positive...

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Blue Hour at the Murnau Alpenhof

When art, gastronomy and nature form an alliance, something very special comes into being. With three such mainstays, nothing can go wrong. Christian Bär (in the picture on the left), the congenial Murnau Alpenhof hotelier, extended an invitation to the festive installation of the exclusively designed Blue Chairs in his new garden. His motto: “A View...

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We need the Sun…

…but we must safeguard our skin from its rays as well. What is the most effective way to protect ourselves and what can be done if the UV rays have already caused skin damage. Our relationship to the sun is ambivalent. We love it because it warms us, brightens our mood and gives our complexion a beautiful color. On the other hand, every sunburn...

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Blue Hour at the Murnau Alpenhof

Mykonos and Delos – Two Worlds

Mergui Archipelago – Islands without Names


Fine Tuning for the Body

Well Rolled! Pinprick by Pinprick to a more Beautiful Skin

Being Made Up by a Professional…

Traveling and Beauty are my passion.
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