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May A Woman Be Only Smart Or Only Sexy Or Smart And Sexy At The Same Time?

A woman like this immediately stands out when she enters the meeting room: she has long, brown hair tied back in a tight plait. She is wearing a pinstripe suit that emphasizes her feminine shapes, a white blouse and a silver brooch. Her high black shoes make her look even taller. Whispering voices can already be heard from a corner of the room, suggesting that she must be the new lawyer. Her professional appearance and the documents under her arm confirm this impression. But when she introduces herself, it becomes clear that she is the new student trainee who still has a lot to learn… This example of a woman shows that clothing often has a major influence on first impressions. However, many women nowadays no longer dare to dress the way they want to. All too often you still hear the opinion that women can either be intelligent or sexy. Swetlana Posdnyschewa, Stylist, image maker and visual brander, explains in an exclusive guest article why now is exactly the right time to bring both characteristics to the outside world. “Clothes make the man” – is that true? A large German bank once started an experiment: While the experienced employees of a branch dressed in jeans and sweaters, trainees were allowed to present themselves in suits and shirts or blouses. After a week, the employees noticed that customers were more likely to turn to the trainees to clarify their financial questions. And although they had not yet completed their training and therefore did not have the knowledge, they were perceived as more competent simply because of their clothing. This is exactly what Swetlana Posdnyshewa experiences in her daily life. When she quickly goes to the supermarket around the corner to get some fish for a delicious dinner, she is perceived and treated completely differently depending on what she is wearing. If she’s in a jogging suit because she’s run off straight after her daily chores, she gets the fish wrapped up and may at best enjoy a “Have a nice day” greeting from the cashier. However, if she has just come from a customer appointment and is wearing appropriate clothing that harmonizes with her make-up, the staff behind the counter would even fillet the fish for her, cut it into bite-sized pieces and suggest a suitable recipe. The environment receives exactly the signals that we send out The perceptions that we present to the outside world and convey to others are precisely the reactions that we receive from our environment.… weiterlesen

Tested for you: Lip Mask “Plush Puddin’ Intensive Recovery Lip Mask” from Fenty Skin

For launching a lip mask it is exactly the right time. Because the winter season with cold outdoors and heating air indoors not infrequently gives us rough, chapped lips. Against this, there is now a clean, vegan and animal-free solution from the Fenty Skin line. It’s the cosmetics brand that superstar Rihanna developed in collaboration with Kendo Brands, which in turn belongs to the luxury group LVMH. “I’m really into the little aspects of the skincare ritual. A lip care routine is fun, but also so important to keep that pout healthy, hydrated and sexy. Plush Puddin’ is the ultimate self-care for lips that I use every day and night.” – Rihanna Lip mask with tropical power The “Plush Puddin’ Intensive Recovery Lip Mask” promises not only smoother, but also plumper lips in a week. It contains mainly tropical moisturizing ingredients such as coconut and castor oil, pomegranate and jojoba oil complex, pomegranate sterols and Barbados cherry extract, which each play an important care role in their own right: Pomegranate and jojoba oil are rich in antioxidants. They provide tone and elasticity, and are even said to make the lips visibly plumper with regular use. Vitamin E is included as another antioxidant, which revitalizes and nourishes the lips. Pomegranate sterols provide a natural, vegan alternative to lanolin, binding 200 percent of their weight in water. As a result, the moisture barrier of the lips improves and hydration is increased. Coconut and castor oils also act as rich moisturizers. The extract from the Barbados cherry (acerola) contains more vitamin C than an orange. It strengthens and nourishes the skin of the lips. Delicious pudding for the lips In fact, the rich, pudding-like texture of “Plush Puddin'”-what the name promises is delivered! – the lips with a noticeable moisture boost. I prefer to apply the lip mask overnight, then the lips are smooth and soft the next day. Pleasant is also the slight taste of vanilla. I think the packaging is ingeniously designed. The small, powder-colored jar made of 100 percent PCR material is closed all around. If you unscrew the lid and turn the base slightly to the right, the dispenser releases exactly the right amount needed for a lip application. It’s a clean and efficient solution. You no longer have to fumble around in little pots, which soon become unsightly and you usually do get too much of the texture after all.… weiterlesen

My X-mas gift tip: Valentino Go-Clutch+ Minirosso

Valentino bags are among the most wanted It-bags. No less stylish is the little beauty sister. This one was also designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli, the Italian has been creative director of Valentino since 2008. The cool fashion accessory made its debut on the Valentino runway in spring/summer 2017, with Piccioli wanting to show the close connection between couture and beauty. The compact clutch is the ideal companion for on-the-go make-up application and looks exceptionally good at the same time. Customized and refillable The genius of it, I think, is that you get your Go-Clutch customized in shiny, sexy Valentino red. You can choose from five shades of the compact powder. The small lipstick is available in six colors – and again in a satin or matte finish. The Minirosso can also be changed at any time to suit your mood. In any case, the mini clutch is a real eye-catcher, whether you wear it on the filigree gold chain crossbody, over your shoulder or hold it in your hand. The long chain can be easily removed and put back on again. Every fashionista – and who is not – will be delighted with this gift. Or rather keep it for yourself? I could understand it. „Valentino Go-Clutch+Minirosso“, ca. 199 €… weiterlesen

From the Den of Iniquity to the Luxury Cabaret

The Moulin Rouge in Paris is 130 years old. Much has changed, but the champagne is still flowing as at Toulouse-Lautrec’s time. The painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec would not have dreamed that in 1889 for „his“ Moulin Rouge: A”snake woman” bending her legs behind her head or she puts one outstretched arm behind the head over on the other shoulder. Two acrobats perform daring balance movements with dizzying tempo. A dancer dives with huge pythons in the deep pool. All of this is part of the Moulin Rouge and his show Féerie in 2019. A show of the finest, this “fairy magic“. And, of course, the famous, inimitable French Cancan can not be missing. This dance was created in the Moulin Rouge in the Belle Epoque. The ladies swing their legs so high that the skirts fly – and when stooping, they also give the view on the bare backside free. A scandal to the then, rather prudish time, but one that guaranteed the revue a full house nightly. 60 perfect dancers from all over the world 130 years later, it needs a bit more: The 60 Doriss Girls of the Moulin Rouge convince with elaborately decorated brightly colored costumes, lush feather headdress, acrobatic dance steps and perfectly coordinated choreography. A firework of colors. The girls are beaming, they sing – sometimes topless. They always look sexy, even if the buttocks remain covered – at most you can see a tricolor-colored panties flashing. Dancers can become only the best here, most are former prima ballerinae: They all are exactly 1.75 meters tall, they all have beautiful long legs – the only way to do the splits. Incidentally, they are named after Doris Haug She was from 1961 until her death in 2014 the choreographer of the now international troupe. For the girls there are strict rules that are laid down in the contract Weight control is just as prescribed as haircut and haircolor; more than two kilos plus or minus are prohibited. In addition, they must train daily and be fit without limits. Because the costumes are kilo heavy, the dance performances pure power acts. A tribute to Paris For the entire show applies: Although the Moulin Rouge with its many artists has become more international over the decades, it still offers a thoroughly French spectacle and a tribute to Paris, once and now. This also applies to the Show Féerie, which has been running since 1999.… weiterlesen

The New Art of Body Shaping…

…but it doesn’t always have to mean surgery The days of Size Zero are over – looking healthy and fit is considered sexy today and a lot can be achieved with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Nevertheless, there are parts of the body that even these can’t influence. Sometimes even the strictest diet and the most strenuous workout can’t help, especially in cases of genetically misplaced fat deposits or sagging skin after weight loss. Nature takes its toll as well and during the aging process, metabolic processes slow down, altering the hormone balance. The ratio of fat to muscle mass changes: Men suddenly develop breasts or so-called “love handles” in the hip area. With women it is often around the abdomen including the back, the “riding breeches” or the inner thighs. Liposuction is no substitute for a diet Every year the Rosenpark Klinik treats over 2000 patients in the field of body shaping. Of these, alone more than 1000 of them undergo liposuction which permanently reduces the excess amount of fat cells in the affected areas and the balances the silhouette. Those who believe that liposuction is a means to reduce weight are mistaken. “The sole purpose here is the harmonization of the body form and the removal of problem zones”, says Dr. Gerhard Sattler, head of the Rosenpark Klinik. The problem frequently addressed is that of the “riding breeches”. Regardless of whether they are slim or somewhat sturdier, countless women suffer from this unattractive deformation of the thighs which stems from an overabundance of fat cells. Liposuction is a proven method of reduction in this case and even if the patient gains weight over time, these disproportionate bulges will not develop again at the same place. “As an experienced practitioner, however, I always have to take the overall picture into consideration,” says Sattler. “The removal of a problem zone alone does not by any means ensure a beautiful body shape. In most cases, it therefore makes sense to treat further areas in order to create a harmonious silhouette”. The Vibration Cannula technique and Tumescent Local Anesthesia For over 19 years, several liposuction procedures have been performed daily at the Rosenpark Klinik. The vibration cannula technique is used in tumescent local anesthesia to remove excess fatty tissue painlessly and sustainably. Tumescent local anesthesia is a mixture of saline solution and local anesthetics. It not only numbs the tissue but softens the fat cells as well.… weiterlesen

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